AHome Real Estate Services

Personal Data Protection Statement

Ahome fully complies with EU697 / 2016 and 4624/2019 on the protection of its customers' personal data. We collect only the data we absolutely need to secure the transaction a) at the time of the assignment of property, b) at the designation of the property, as well as for 1) financial bidding, 2) real estate or other corporate information that may be of interest the prospective buyer or seller 3) the issuance of legal documents and the keeping of our accounting books 4) any legal action within the scope of our business which is not harmful to our company's customers.

The data collected for the above purposes (name, surname, father's name, ID, ID number, contact telephones, home address and email address), our company commits to make every effort to safeguarding the integrity of this data. This information will be kept in our records until the request for deletion by the interested party.

The collected data shall not be transferred, disclosed, used or otherwise voluntarily transferred to third parties, nor transferred outside the EU. For any reason without the express consent of the persons concerned.

Every customer of our company has the right to access and receive a copy, to request the deletion or correction of the data, to object or restrict the processing of the data we hold. Interested parties can contact us at

Our company has the right to keep a record of the consent forms it receives from its respective client as well as the records of communication with the client or with third parties or companies related to it. Our company has the right to keep the above records even if the relevant consent has been revoked.